Deputy Ministers

  • First Deputy Minister Alexey V. Vovchenko
  • Deputy Minister Lyubov Y. Yeltsova
  • Secretary of State - Deputy Minister Andrey N. Pudov
  • Deputy Minister Grigory G. Lekarev
  • Deputy Minister Alexey A. Cherkasov

Office of the Minister

  • Assistants, Advisers of the Minister

Central Office

  • Department of Integrated Analysis and Forecasting
  • Department of Demography Policy and Social Protection
  • Department for Persons with Disabilities
  • Department of Wages, Labor Relations and Social Partnership
  • Department of Working Conditions and Labor Protection     
  • Department of Employment     
  • Department of Pensions     
  • Department of Social Insurance Development     
  • Department of Civil Service     
  • Department of of Legal and Foreign Affairs   
  • Finance Department     
  • Administrative Department

Coordinated Service and Extra-Budgetary Funds